Safety Audit

Health and safety awareness training is mandatory for staff at all levels of an organization. This is the ideal course to satisfy that requirement - a stimulating 'entry-level' programme explaining how health and safety should be managed in any working environment.

The course outlines the basics of health and safety law and how organizations and individuals can become liable for health and safety offences. Roles and responsibilities for health and safety are discussed by reference to the key legislation and the expert trainer will explore with the delegates how these responsibilities are managed in practice in different types of organization. The principles of risk assessment will be considered and their practical implementation discussed in relation to the management of the various hazards that are likely to be present in a typical workplace.

Training objectives

This course will give staff:

  • An understanding of health and safety law, liability and enforcement
  • An explanation of the principles of health and safety management in the workplace and an understanding of who should be responsible for different aspects of health and safety
  • A practical explanation of risk assessment and what constitutes a suitable and sufficient assessment
  • A broad knowledge of the typical hazards in a workplace and how these should be managed

This course provides the necessary health and safety awareness training for anyone in a working environment. It also provides the essential foundation for those involved in middle or senior management.

An inter-active one-day course, with 25% of the day devoted to practical exercises. In this format, we recommend that the number of participants be limited to 16 in order to maximize the opportunity for interaction and facilitated discussion and to allow participants to explore practical examples relevant to their own situations

The course can easily be tailored to specific working environments, e.g., offices, warehouses, process industries.

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