Fire Technology & Industrial Safety


  • 1

    Fire Engineering Science Technology

  • 2

    Fire Protection & Prevention Science

  • 3

    Fire Extinction Science

  • 4

    Fire Administration and General

  • 5

    Industrial Safety Management

  • 6

    Loss Control & Safety Laws

  • 7

    Industrial Legal Provision and Hazard

  • 8

    Fire Safety Prevention Management

  • 9

    Practical Fire & Safety

  • 10

    Project Work

An industrial safety degree begets multiple career paths involved in promoting and protecting health and safety in addition to preventing incidents and injury. Job titles such as Fire Prevention Engineer, Industrial Safety Engineer, System Safety Engineer, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Food Safety Inspector, Ergonomist, and Industrial Hygienist are optimal and available for students in the safety and health discipline.

If you have done Fire and safety engineering Qualification, There are wide opportunities, you can become

  • Fire and Safety Officer
  • Executive Fire and Safety Officer
  • Fire and Safety Supervisor
  • Fire and Safety systems designers
  • Fire and Safety consultant
  • And even you can start running your own business (Fire and Safety focused)

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